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All You Need To Know About Video Marketing

In this review, I will share some basic data that may come in issue free to any business owner especially independent company new companies who expect to utilize video marketing to upgrade their online presence and build up their business.

As you may by now be aware the use of Video in commercials, brand awareness, and campaigns, only to point out a few did not knock on our doorsteps yesterday but has been around for quite a while now. The challenge was that running these commercials on TV was very highly-priced and only established companies with big budgets could afford it. Regrettably, for the small business that was running on a shoestring budget, the battle was real and all endeavors to make some considerable presence were almost close to unattainable. Advertising was too expensive and only the big guys enjoyed the monopoly and the added benefits that video marketing had to offer. Well, the smaller guys were left wallowing in the dust, trying to figure out how to climb the ladder.

What made the big guys bigger? Part of their marketing technique involved using video, because it is one of the most effective tools. A well laid and thought out commercial has the potential of reaching out to a huge audience and prompting them to make a decision. Admittedly on more than one occasion, my decision to buy a product has been influenced by an advert that I saw on television. Not only that, but I have also, more than once recommended a product to a friend or relative, based on an advert that I saw on television.

Then the whole game transformed, the internet came and along with it video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Tumblr, Veoh, Break.com, only to point out a few. These platforms offer free registration and free video hosting,

Video campaigns to promote, your brand, products, or services increase exposure and your prospects of being discovered. Every business, irrespective of its niche, will significantly benefit from using this marketing method. Video marketing has fast become an affordable, effective, and vital business tool today, that allows small business owners to showcase their companies and products in direct competition with established big companies.

YouTube: The largest Video Hub

Utilizing YouTube for marketing makes a lot of sense. Each second, tens of thousands of people go online, searching for products and services. Also, YouTube has become the center of activity, where people go to look for almost anything, including information on products and how to. YouTube has turned into 'the People's Hollywood. Were you aware that YouTube servers serve over 4,000,000,000 hours of video a month? Every day over 1,500,000 video searches originate from businesses. While some of those views are for entertainment but the vast majority of them are for business purposes.

But producing an engaging video with a persuasive story and then uploading it onto the various hosting platforms does not automatically guarantee exposure to a multitude of potential buyers. Of cause, your video must be able to capture the attention of your audience. This process is just the first step and a lot more will require to be done. Arguably yes ranking video on YouTube and Google is the least difficult of all the other methods. Your video must be optimized in order to meet up with search engine expectations for it to rank on YouTube and Google. So fingers will need to get dirty with a few SEO tactics applied. This sounds a bit complicated for a business owner who is trying to run a business. Possibilities are that the business owner lacks the expertise of creating a video, let alone any practical knowledge on SEO. If you fall into this group, then using the services of a competent video marketing service will be a wise thing to do.

Whatever your business, video marketing is the proven method that will increase your brand awareness, boost your online presence, and see your business grow.

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