VB Web Sol share some strategy for Joomla, document sets out what the community of Joomla users, from normal non-technical users through to high-level technical developers, will expect from the product that come back beneath the umbrella of the Joomla project.

This is primarily concerning however we tend to approach and manage change: however we tend to adapt, develop associated grow our product in an dynamic  technological landscape; however we tend to communicate to our users and contributors what to expect from our product as they alter from one unleash to the next; and the way we tend to guide our contributors towards creating the long run changes that we would like as a community.

Since the Joomla project is chargeable for over one product, this strategy is written to be as generic as attainable and to permit new product to be accessorial to our portfolio while not forcing any intensive re-writes.

This strategy builds on the substantial sensible expertise of lots of individuals over the numerous years since the project's foundation. The reasoning behind what's written here, and therefore the lessons learned in leading up thereto, is outside the scope of the document itself and reference ought to be created to alternative sources for that statement.