June, 2022

How Can A Blockchain PR Agency Help Your Project? 

One of (if not the most) important parts of every brand is its reputation. If your name isn’t trusted amongst consumers, hardly anyone will bother with what product or service you’re selling. In an industry such as blockchain, several new projects commence and go unnoticed by most. 

To ensure your project does not meet the same fate, you’ll have to get your name known, in a good way, of course. This is where something a blockchain PR agency can be of help. Several things that you see in your everyday life on your phones, such as ads, new updates on products, and even news of famous people, are handled by the PR agency for the most part. 

In case you’re unaware of what we’re talking about, let’s go over what exactly is blockchain public relations (PR), its benefits, and how you can find one for your own project! 

What is Blockchain Public Relations?

Public relations are an essential tool in building, managing and enhancing a brand’s image through effective strategies and activities. PR professionally regroups a company’s goals and implements campaigns intending to create a buzz and improve the perception of the brand in the eyes of investors and customers. 

But how does the improvement of perception influence a project? 

The answer is simple. Customer centricity and emotionally connected customers are becoming increasingly significant for businesses as they drive sales and long-term loyalty. 

Not only are these factors crucial for your project to stand out among the overwhelming blockchain companies, but they also spread awareness of cryptocurrency and blockchain to those unfamiliar with it. Blockchain public relations will make your project thrive and reach your target audience. 

Benefits of Blockchain PR for your Project

Now that we have understood what blockchain PR is, it’s time to dive into how it can assist your project, 

Let’s begin.

Increase Traffic 

What does a PR do? Their main work is boosting traffic and creating buzz around your blockchain project. Now here is the tricky part- as you may know, dozens of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are out there, so you will need a strong PR team to be ahead of your competitors. 

Blockchain PR will increase your visibility through SEO to effectively boost your presence online. Your content and website will be optimized to ensure it reaches the top in search results, exposing your project to a broader scale of potential investors and customers. 

Build Brand Presence and Identity

PR is excellent when it comes to building a solid brand presence and identity. An ideal blockchain PR will create marketing strategies to make sure your company is highlighted and recognized by simply your logo, visuals, color scheme, or tagline. 

PR will uniquely boost your content with press releases and content on more prominent websites to garner interest and attention while also showcasing your expertise and knowledge to gain the trust of customers. 

Reach and Educate a Greater Audience 

In a time when not many are aware of blockchain technology coupled with its growing misconceptions has made it more difficult for projects to promote. 

A good PR team will assist you in reaching and informing a broader customer base and ultimately cultivate an interactive community through social media platforms that debunk myths, discuss the latest updates, and exchange views regarding blockchain. As a result, your initiative will become well-known and gain trust among your target audience.

Develop a Strong Community 

Communities are a major facet that the PR will focus on. From selecting the right platform to hosting activities, PR will ensure the brand name and project are built, excellently represented, and talked about in communities. Blockchain PR is skilled in developing meaningful community relationships and executing strategies to help in this direction.

Some of the well-crafted activities will include a number of interviews and podcasts, educational posts, interaction with the audience, and much more. These will make your project more authentic and become thought leaders.

The goal is to make you a cynosure in the eyes of investors and customers through community engagement to leverage your project’s recognition. Having a buzz in the community is crucial in the blockchain and crypto space, as we have witnessed several examples of these when it comes to the success of coins such as Dogecoins and Shiba Inu. 

How to find a reliable blockchain PR agency? 

Finding the right blockchain PR agency is a challenging task. But if you have a list of features, it can make things less complicated. 

To make things easy, here are some characteristics you need to check in order to get matched with a suitable PR agency for your company.

Crypto industry professional

One of the primary factors is to make sure you select an agency with relevant professional experience in the crypto industry. 

Sometimes companies feel that PR agencies in any field can give the desired results, however, in fact, businesses demand a subject matter expert who is well-versed in the industry’s operations.

Work transparency 

The next crucial thing is how transparent the PR agency is with its strategies, campaign plans, and how they will bring traffic to your project. Ideally, they should also measure the progress of the campaigns run by them to see how well it is performing. In short, choose an agency that relies on data and a road map to generate buzz around your project. 

Another point that you need to keep in mind is that the results of running PR campaigns will be effective in a few weeks, and if there’s no impact seen in months, the agency might not be working in the right direction. 


Lastly, an ideal PR agency will be goal-driven to get desired results for your project. This will help the agency prioritize your requirements and deliver accordingly.

However, it could be that your company may not like their ways. In such scenarios, it is best to find common ground and cooperate to hype your blockchain project. 


Altogether, a reliable blockchain PR agency can benefit your project in several ways. However, you must collaborate with them instead of just giving instructions, PRs have the right expertise, but they need to be aware of your goals. The key is to find a reliable agency that understands your needs and gives you convincing results. 

During this process, your PR team will have to face many challenges in promoting your upcoming blockchain project, but if they have your constant support, success will not be far.