April, 2021

Five Important Tips and Features about Mobile Apps Like Uber for your Business

Taxi booking mobile apps have become the most famous apps used by people in modern days. Be it traveling for a long or short distance, almost every person prefers to book a taxi through a few touches on the app. The entire journey of developing a Mobile App like Uber for Business is filled with learning and discoveries, and all that needs to be achieved here is the desire to grow forward in the industry.


A Real-Time App Like Uber has a huge significance as they provide the users with a quick solution to all their problems and also provides them with the comfort of achieving work in a hectic schedule. But the process of developing such an app and keeping it running under huge competition is not easy. It needs a lot of persistence and the constant need of curating to change.


All these skills combined can draw out effective results in your new startup. Yet one thing to know here is, a Mobile Apps Like Uber is the best way to proliferate the business. It is a highly high demanded field and can instantly lead you to profits if monitored correctly.


How can you know if your app is the best? Well, here we have listed some tips and tricks that can help you push forward in the journey.

Important tips to start a mobile app like Uber.

1.   Use request pages

Add smart request pages to your app, this will allow the users to quickly book cabs from any location. Once the taxi is booked the request needs to be sent to the closest driver in the specified location. Such a service will allow quick solutions to the users. This can ensure to save a lot of time for the user and they can avail the services very quickly.

2.   Good payment integrations

Something that should never be overlooked in a Real-time App Like Uber is the payment integration. Entrepreneurs need to understand that not all people are comfortable with paying cash, some prefer cards, or the newer generation prefers using apps for the same as well. The situation can also be vice versa where the priority is placed over cash. In such a situation it becomes necessary to tackle the issue by using different payment integrations. This will not limit the user and they can enjoy the services according to their own needs.

3.   Add location to find the right match

Use location tracking or maps integration with your app. This can serve multiple purposes and is extremely efficient for the user, drivers, and the admin. A geolocation tracker will help the users to know the location of the cab before as well as after they hail the taxi. Drivers can use similar services and can look for locations on a map and can look for the nearest way to reach it and much more. The admin can track the location of the car and can make reports about the maximum distance covered, location, and many other details.

4.   Get adequate feedback

Feedback is quite essential, so never miss the feature that allows you to connect with your real-time users. Add a feature tag that can help you understand what your shortcomings are and where you can improve the entire service. Add an appropriate review section so that you can use the information mentioned above to analyze the future of the company.

5.   Focus on user experience

User experience is very crucial for the business, be it any app users will find it useful only when they enjoy efficiently using the app. So, try to keep the user experience friendly and easy to navigate.

Features to Look for in a Mobile App Like Uber.

Now that you know some tips, let us look at some must-have features for the App Like Uber for Small Businesses as well as for Online Business:

1.   Geolocation and Routing

Geolocation allows the person to have an idea about the location they need to go to. During the can is booked the location of the user as well the end location needs to be mentioned. This can be carried out through geolocating and routing features. The routing feature is the basic feature of the app and should be included and used in multiple ways to make efficient use.

2.   Cashless Payment

Payment plays an important role in the taxi booking business. Thus the second feature that must be included in the mobile app is having integrations with different payment platforms. These platforms can be banks, apps, banking platforms, also cash payments should be accepted. This allows for more payment convenience on the user end.

3.   Get Registration and Profile Details

Another important feature that any taxi app must have is the login page for users as well as for drivers. As soon as the user gets the mobile app they must be allowed to make profiles that can allow them to avail all kinds of services regularly without the interruptions of adding the details again and again. Apart from that, a separate and more secure registration should be created for drivers that will allow the owners to keep a track of salaries, taxi numbers, and other necessary details.

4.   Notification for alerts

Notification is another thing that can be efficiently used by taxi mobile apps. These can help the users notify about the arrival of the cab, or in case they are enrolled for the service they can know about the discounts or other immediate bonus they can receive by interacting with the app. This is a great way to earn the loyalty of the customer and to build a good customer base.

5.   Scheduling for ride

Scheduling for rides should also be made available for the users. Scheduling allows people to make bookings for travel. This can be used for long trips where a group needs a personal car for more than one day. Scheduling is quite a new concept and can effectively boost the experience of the user in the app.


To sum up, including all features that make the customers drawn to them. Keep a special eye on feedback as well as on the needs of the people. This will help boost the overall experience of the app and make it stand in the market for a long time.


So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and Hire us Today to Build and Develop a Mobile App Like Uber or Uber Clone App for your Business.